New Years Goals 2014

I’m taking a leaf out of the book of one of Magical Words Bloggers, and creating a set of Goals for 2014, rather than Resolutions, because Resolutions can be failed and forgotten, whereas Goals are works in progress.

So, my Writing Goals for this year:

1) Write 600 New words a day, 5 days a week, for 50 weeks of the year. Doesn’t matter what the writing is – blog, stream of consciousness, story, brain fart – just as long as they’re NEW words.

2) Finish CM1 by 31/03/2014 and SEND IT OUT TO AGENTS

3) Finish Draft 2 of CM2 by 30/06/2014 and Get it into my Critique Group.

4) Finish Draft 1 of CM3 by 30/09/2014.

5) Write Draft 0 of CM4 in November 2014.

6) Blog at least once a month.

They are in order of importance. I’ve already set up a writing tracker for Goal 1, and I’ve already fallen behind, but it’s the thought that counts, and this blog – this post – will also add to the numbers.

I plan on doing the last more often than once a month, hopefully at least once a fortnight, but I may not have that much to say. We’ll see.

Edit to Add: I’m adding one other goal:

7) Read one fiction, one non-fiction and one writing reference book every month. My fiction reading espeically has plummeted in the last five years, but I have no real excuses – I’ve still bought books, I’m just stacking them up, so now it’s time to get through a couple.

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