Post-NaNo Storm

So, as always after a NaNoWriMo, my muse is on fire, but my wrists and my brain are fried. I keep getting more ideas – writing for me always generated more writing – but I’m still jet-lagged and flopping around near the edge of exhaustion. Not only that, but I have family coming for xmas too, so I’m going to be swamped soon… and yet, my muse wants to write!!! Grr! Argh!

Well, now that I have initial drafts for CM2 and CM3 officially on paper, I’m beginning to really worry about the structure of the whole arc of the series, how it’s going to end, and what it’s founded on. I have a fair understanding of the arc that my MC is going to take, and I know her goal for both book 2 and book 4. But not for 1, 3 or 5 yet. And If I don’t know how it all begins, how can I be sure the middle is right, let alone the end?

Which means I need to fix CM1 before I can reasonably progress to anything further.

I know there’s something wrong with it. I just can’t get to what. I sort-of, but not really, know the MC’s goal for the book – well, I know her external goal, but the internal one is more slippery than a wet fish at the mo. *sigh*

So, back to my trusty audible for a book or two on outlines and goals, and we’ll see if I can’t fix this sucker. (Audible, because while my reading time is rather limited, my listening time is plentiful – I have a job where repetitive tasks usually rule the day.) I’ve chosen two, not having read either before, “Rock Your Plot” by Cathy Yardley and “Million Dollar Outlines” by David Farland. I’ll let you know how they work out.

There’s something still missing in that second half…

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