Elevator Pitches

I read a lot of blogs from writers, for inspiration, for help, for tips, for troubles shared. This writing life is rather lonely. A writer lives pretty much in their heads and hunched over their computers and unless you’re friends with another writer, it’s exceedingly difficult to explain what your current issues are to anyone.

So, I read.

One I read regularly is Kate Elliot’s, and recently I read this post, which is all about a new YA book she’s going to be publishing, tentatively titled MASK.

Firstly; YAY! I really enjoy reading Ms Elliot, and have been a fan ever since she wrote Jaran.

Secondly; WOW! She listed both her industry announcement and her pitch line in her blog post, and they were (for me) seriously inspiring!

The Industry Announcement:

A girl’s skill at a forbidden sport shakes the foundations of a rigid aristocracy.

Her Pitch:

Little Women meets the Count of Monte Cristo in a fantasy setting inspired by Greco-Roman Egypt.

Both very catchy, succinct and give you a great visual of what the book will be about.

So why my excitement? Well, because this is the first time I could actually see how to pitch my book.

According to this site and many others, when you’re ready to sell your book, and in approaching an agent or editor, you need to be prepared with three things:

Firstly, a one-page sysnopsis of your novel – no backstory, no subplots, no frills rendition of what happens in what order. This happens and then that and this is how it ends.

Secondly, a one-paragraph pitch that will usually go into a query letter – a kind of mini-synopsis but a punchy, catchy, exciting version of the story. Can our hero from this amazingly strange and interesting situation, win/solve/live to see another day?

Thirdly, an elevator pitch – a.k.a. a log-line, a one-sentence summation of the essence of your story that will hook an editor or an agent trapped in the elevator with you to say those immortal words “Tell me more.” Both of which lines from Ms Elliot above do.

So, my first attempts? Maybe not so successful, but this is what I have currently…

The Story Pitch:

A disgraced warrior finds her path to redemption through the daughter of the king she betrayed.


A disgraced warrior, now a slave, finds her path to redemption lies in escaping an inescapable prison.

The Comparrison Pitch:

Gladiator meets the Dragonriders of Pern in a fantasy setting inspired by pre-columbian South America and Viking Age Europe.

They need work, but it’s getting somewhere! One step closer…

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