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My Process – A First Iteration

This is a post which I imagine will evolve as my writing process evolves. I’m going to try to describe the writing process I went through to arrive at Coeurmorph 1 (CM1) – the book what inspired me to start … Continue reading

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Elevator Pitches

I read a lot of blogs from writers, for inspiration, for help, for tips, for troubles shared. This writing life is rather lonely. A writer lives pretty much in their heads and hunched over their computers and unless you’re friends … Continue reading

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On Balance…

I’ve been stressing a lot about where in the story my major events fall. The major plot points of any novel have a kind of balance to them, if you follow the three-act structure. There’s the inciting incident which occurs … Continue reading

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Introducing Me

I have been writing on and off for my entire life. Until the last five years, it’s been much more off than on though. Once I learnt to write, I stole A3 sheets of cartridge paper from school that I’d … Continue reading

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